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Brand management .....hier moet een introductietekst komen om aan te geven welke onderwerpen in de categorie te vinden zijn

Sub 1 = thesis

sub 2 = integratiemodel 

Brand integration

BrandingBuilding and properly managing brand equity has become a priority for companies of all sizes, in all types of industries, in all types of markets. After all, from strong brand equity flow customer loyalty and profits. The rewards of having a strong corporate brand are clear.

To understand the magnitude of branding and to determine the actual poits of attention, I have developed a brand integration model and a survey structure. To give it head and tail I have preparred a short powerpoint slideshow explaining a little bit more about the model and it's structure.


Brand integration model

Brand integration model

Figure : Brand integration model


Using the brand integration model

The model and model survey found their origin in my MBA thesis Corporate Branding and have proven to be a very usefull research tool to me, I hope it will serve you as well.

The survey can help to identify areas that need improvement, recognize areas in which a brand integration is strong, and learn more about the effectiveness the way organizations have implemented corporate branding. The survey contains 30 questions divided over five brand dimensions:

  1. Brand Strategy
  2. Brand Equity
  3. Brand
  4. Brand Owner
  5. Brand Communication

Please be honest in answering the survey questions and approach them as an outsider, always from a customer perspective.

You can download my excel brand integration work document (survey & model) here.


Brand integration presentation


Corporate Branding

Corporate branding bookThis section will cover my (revised) MBA thesis Corporate Branding. Corporate branding is a subject that personally intrigues me as a marketer, due to its scientific deepening and pragmatic character combined with a management triangulation with angles from organizational strategy, business development and marketing strategy.

For me,corporate branding means; strategic corporate orientation, harmonization and communication between the firm and its external environment, to create, build and maintain the right set of brand associations.
In the playing field of business administration, corporate branding fits within the sub-area of marketing management and communication strategy. For that reason corporate branding should be one of the strategic objectives of the marketing strategy plan of international organizations.

I would like to share my knowledge and experience with you. Publication of my original master piece is unfortunately not appropriate due to its confidential character. Nonetheless I have been able to rewrite and summarize my thesis into this online White Paper without any consensus of the theory and that is what all is about (it saves you also 160 additional pages covering emperical research, data gathering and analyses).

Have fun reading!


"I read your paper, and I liked how you structured. Thank you for sending me all this wonderful information. I looked at the stuff, it is really great. You have developed a very detailed system based on all the important concepts in the industry. What I also liked that you quoted my publications and that you developed some nice graphs from the concepts of the Kotler/Pfoertsch B2B Brand management book..."

Prof. Dr. Waldemar Pfoertsch
International Business and Business Marketing / Branding
Pforzheim University Business School

Books published:

B2B Brand ManagementIngredient-branding-Making-the-invisible-VisibleBusiness-to-Business-marketingGlobalization-of-Chinese-Companies