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Causal model result questions

The customer satisfaction survey questionnaire is constructed along the modified ECSI model using generic opening questions, causal model driver & result questions, and generic closure questions. You can use the model/image below to navigate to the individual components.

Customer satisfaction model - result satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

Consider all your experiences of <company name>;

  • Question 20. How satisfied are you?

Use the 10-point scale where 1 means "not at all satisfied" and 10 "very satisfied".

Consider all your expectations;

  • Question 21. To what degree do you consider that <company name> presently fulfils all your expectations?

Use the 10-point scale where 1 means "falls short of expectations" and 10 "exceeds expectations".

Think of an ideal company;

  • Question 22. How close to this ideal company would you rate <company name>?

Use the 10-point scale where 1 means "not close to ideal" and 10 "very close to ideal".

Customer satisfaction model - result customer loyalty

Customer loyalty

If you were to (re)buy products and/or services;

  • Question 23. How likely is it that you would buy from <company name> again?
  • Question 24. How likely is it that you recommend <company name> to a friend or colleague?

Use the scale 1 meaning "very unlikely", and 10 "very likely".

  • Question 25. Why do you feel that way about recommending <comapny name>?

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