1.2.2 Problem definition.

The problem definition as I have defined, consist an objective, and three central questions. The objective answers the question: (1) why I will examine, (2) for whom I examine and (3) what I will examine. These central questions have been diverted into sub-questions that will guide the examination through the research process.

My objective of this white paper is to develop a customer satisfaction model for B2B organizations, based on proven B2B customer satisfaction models.

Reason for conducting a research in customer satisfaction models is given by the hypothesis that customer satisfaction often part is of marketing strategy objectives, it an integral focus is among customer service orientated B2B organisations. Measuring customer satisfaction must be a continuously, consistent, timely, accurate and reliable process. Hence this research fulfils a critical factor of the marketing communication strategy and sustainable business development.

Research design of this white paper needs to be based on the current marketing communication principles with a strong relation towards customer satisfaction. It should deliver a deepening of customer satisfaction knowledge and a pragmatic contribution to customer satisfaction process management.

Customer satisfaction research should be done with greatest care. Four control questions concerning related to the research objective:

  1. Is it relevant?
    • The need of Pareto driven B2B organisations aims at a deepening of customer satisfaction. The research can complete actual knowledge with new insights and additional knowledge. With that in mind, the research delivers a relevant contribution.
  2. Is it feasible?
    • The research will be carried out on an objectively and independently manner. There is a sufficient organizational basis for research. Actual literature is sufficient and relevant knowledge can be drawn out of that. All these necessary resources are within a hand reach to realize the research.
  3. Is it unambiguous?
    • Objective and cause of research are clear defined; the research has been addressed and recognized as a critical factor of the marketing communication strategy. Furthermore; wishes, requirements and clients are well known. The objective has been decisively formulated, with that the research is unambiguous.
  4. Does it generate additional information?
    • The objective refers to a deepening of B2B customer satisfaction models. With that, it is clear which type knowledge and information is going to be generated. From that perspective, it generates additional information.