2.1 Literature study

In the literature research the emphasis applies to customer satisfaction and integrated variables and antecedents to identify the factors and criteria within different customer satisfaction perspectives. In continuation on the objective and the conceptual model the literature study will answer the first central question of this thesis and under laying sub-questions:

  1. Which are the criteria for appraisal of customer satisfaction and how to classify these into antecedents?
    • 1.1. Which general characteristics of customer satisfaction can be defined?
    • 1.2. Which criteria can be drawn from the theory of customer satisfaction?
    • 1.3. How to classify the criteria of customer satisfaction into antecedents?

I start my literature study by an introduction into customer satisfaction, followed by an investigation of what researchers and experts have written about customer satisfaction theories and customer satisfaction models. My literature study focus primarily on the theories of cause-and-effect models.


2.1.1 Academic papers, thesis and dissertations

This research paper is all about customer satisfaction and causal customer satisfaction models for B2C and B2B. From a best practice point of view relevant research findings are copied and reused in this research study. I have not placed content and citations between quotation marks and have not given (adequate) source references of the original (paper, thesis, and dissertation) author to improve overall readability. To compensate text source references I have add source references in foot notes.

Having said that, I have not copied text or taken ideas from someone else's work in order to use that as if they were my own, notwithstanding the fact that it could have been my reflection of that specific topic. For that reason this research document should be valued as a research paper completed with a collection of research findings. This research paper needs to be treated as it is. My research paper is applicable for limited distribution, do not copy paste text without mentioning the source and original document to avoid plagiarism.

I have studied and examined academic papers, thesis and dissertations regarding relevant customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction modeling. All documents where public (free) available.

Most important research documents used incl download link: