7.2 Standardize multi lingual survey questionnaire.

With the ECSI / EPSI model in mind the survey questionnaire should be applicable for all European business countries in their own native language. The questionnaire should answer:

  1. What are thecustomers' perceptions of corporate image, perceived value, quality of products and services?
  2. How satisfied are customers?
  3. How loyal are customers?
  4. Is customer satisfaction and perceived quality improving or declining?
  5. How is the B2B organisation performing relative to competitors in the industry? And relative to companies in other industries, sectors and countries?
  6. What are the manifest variables of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty?
  7. What is the impact of the different drivers?
  8. What is the optimal allocation of resources across the manifest variables?
  9. What will the consequence to improve customer satisfaction?

The survey questionnaire should cover all latent variables with two or more manifest variables (composite index) to increase reliable and become less volatile using a singular question. The survey questionnaire is composed in Customer Satisfaction Survey.