7.6 Critical success factors and pitfalls

Whether all recommendations will lead to instant success depends on many factors. Nonetheless I am fully confident that all above mentioned recommendations will contribute significantly to better customer satisfaction performance and to a more structured and transparent marketing and communication organization. Last but not least I would like to emphasize both size of the coin by highlighting the critical success factor and pitfalls.

Critical success factors can be addressed as;

  • Effectiveness of implementation.
  • Understanding of urgency and reason for change.
  • MT Management support and trust.
  • Departmental management support and trust.
  • Willingness of employees.

Pitfalls can be addressed as;

  • Doing nothing and continuing today what we have done yesterday.
  • Implementing without full understanding and support of MT and Departmental managers.
  • Implementing without proper preparation, milestones and Deming-cycles
  • Implementing without ownership, accountability and responsibility.