Preface Corporate Branding

Corporate branding is a subject that personally intrigues me as a marketer, due to its scientific deepening and pragmatic character combined with a management triangulation with angles from organizational strategy, business development and marketing strategy. Corporate branding means; strategic corporate orientation, harmonization and communication between the firm and its external environment, to create, build and maintain the right set of brand associations. In the playing field of business administration, corporate branding fits within the sub-area of marketing management and communication strategy. Hence corporate branding should be one of the strategic objectives of the marketing strategy plan of international organizations.

A problem for young international organizations is the lack of cross border brand recognition, especially in case of multiple business units scattered across continents or countries. Mature market leaders are recognized and have been able to create a positive set of brand associations within the market. Not surprisingly, a lack of brand recognition and brand awareness counts as well for entrepreneurial national and international organizations. Young successful international organizations are often driven by extremely ambitious (and aggressive) entrepreneurs. To manage their investment programs they need to “deliver” their objectives to secure CAPEX and long term shareholder investments. Therefore, it is necessary to take a strategic proposition and obtain

The origin of this White Paper is secured in my MBA thesis Corporate Branding under supervision of Prof. Dr. Ruud Heijblom MBA. During my journey through brand management land I have witnessed all kind of brand landscapes, theories and interpretations. It’s been my longest trip, being happy and tired of travelling I came to my final destination; my graduation.

Now all the work has been done I would like to share my knowledge and experience with you. Publication of my original master piece is unfortunately not appropriate due to its confidential character. Nonetheless I have been able to rewrite and summarize my thesis into this White Paper without any consensus of the theory and that is what all is about. (it saves you also 160 pages)

Please enjoy my White Paper.

With kind regards,
Ronald van Haaften