4.4 Implement brand building programs.

Brand building programs are needed to communicate brand identity, to position the brand, to create brand awareness and to enhance brand equity. Transnational organizations, as being a learning organization, need to share experiences, knowledge, challenges, successes and mistakes. Brand managers and marketers should use marketing communication tools with a strong strategic focus on the consistency across all managerial communication areas.

Therefore I recommend the following brand building programs and/or activities;

  1. Facilitate in knowledge diffusion tools.
    • Knowledge diffusion needs communication tools and platform(s) like intranet, Marketing and communication guidelines, CRM, newsletters, and cross border meetings.
  2. Develop internal brand seminars, training and education programs.
  3. Accessing multiple media.
    • Multi media/angle communication, specific, dedicated to stakeholders.
  4. Integrate communication strategy plan and communication frame work.
  5. Measuring the results, efficiency and effectiveness of communication.